About Us

The Rockbridge Fall Farm Day is not only a day of fun for the kids; it’s a lesson of how life on the farm was in the past.

There's a small group of locals that wanted a way to show the kids of today what it was like for the families that once worked the farm land way back when.

That milk and butter really doesn't come from the refrigeration section of the grocery store.

The Wool used to make their coats and sweaters starts with sheep getting their wool sheared.


With the technology of the day, the means of Farming has changed through the years.


What once required a strong back and a team of horse’s, is now accomplished with a Tractor.


This is the reason Rockbridge Fall Farm Day is filled with demonstrations of how things were accomplished by hand. How using tools with specific uses made the chores a little easier back in the day when Farms were worked by hand.


There are sheep shearing demonstrations throughout the day. A lady turns her spinning wheel to show the process of how the wool from the sheep became the yarn that was knitted, and woven into clothing and blankets.


Heck – There’s even a Maze you can get lost in! This is a special Maze because it was created by a girl without the use of a computer or GPS. And believe me, it’s very easy to get lost, but don’t worry - If you’re lucky enough to get lost - your nearest exit may be beside you. Yes, there are 3 exits before the real exit - if you WANT to QUIT (without busting down the corn).